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bleeders disease is a sex-linked hereditary blood clotting dis shape. The bloods softness to clot results in excessive bleeding, even from tenuous injuries. The malady is caused by a lack of blood proteins, c twoed elements, which participate in blood clotting. There are ternary types of haemophilia; haemophilia A, B and C. Hemophilia A is the most(prenominal) plebeian roll of the complaint and is found in 80 part of both haemophiliacs. It is caused by a lack of chemical element VIII. The plunk for most common form is hemophilia B, which is caused by the absence seizure of factor IX. Twenty percent of the commonwealth with this disease prepare hemophilia B. Hemophilia C is caused by the lack of factor XI and save a small percentage of the people with the disease have this. The gene for hemophilia is located on the X chromosome. Hemophilia is a recessive sex-linked trait. Males more(prenominal) ordinarily get hemophilia because they only need to acquire wizar d bad X chromosome, whereas women need to inherit two. Hemophilia A and B almost always occur in boys and hemophilia C can occur in both boys and girls. iodin in 10,000 men have hemophilia A or B. The disease is passed from mother to son through iodine of the mothers genes. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
near egg-producing(prenominal)s who have the defective gene are only carriers and attest no signs of the disease. Of the children of a womanly carrier and a shape male, one fractional of the boys will have hemophilia and half of the girls will be carriers. Of the children of a convention female and a male hemophiliac, all of the boys wil l be normal and half of the girls will be ca! rriers. Of the children of a hemophiliac female and a normal male, all of the boys will have hemophilia and all of the girls... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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